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Roof Inspections & Reports

Radco provides on site inspections designed to document the current condition of your roof system. Recommendations of any work necessary to bring the roof system up to a maintainable level are included. Upon completion of such work the roof system will be eligible for an ongoing maintenance contract. This process includes a written summary of the type of roof system currently on the facility, overall condition of the system, service recommendations, etc.


Roof Maintenance & Repair

Radco performs maintenance and repair work required to maintain a watertight roof system and designed to increase the roof system’s overall longevity. Our strong and large customer base is a testament to our  excellent customer service, best response time, quality of work, and professionalism. We are certified with all roof manufactures as a warranty service provider and our service work can be performed on a maintenance basis as well on “on request”. Of course, 24 hour emergency service is available to all of our customers. Read more...


Complete Roof peace of mind Contracts

Our Service Contracts ensure watertight performance of your roof system for a predetermined period of time. Our technicians visit our facility on an ongoing basis to proactively identify and resolve any problems that may occur.


Roof Performance History

As a participant in our Maintenance Program you will have access to a chronological summary of all roof related events at each of facilities (i.e., Construction, repairs, replacement, maintenance, etc.). This will keep you apprised of the condition of the roof systems at all of your facilities on an ongoing basis.

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Roofing Contracting Services

Radco is available for complete contract services for new or replacement applications including roof deck, insulation, coatings, roof membranes, waterproofing, sheet metal, caulking, and flashings.


Management of your roof

By participating in the ongoing management of your roof system, Radco is able to assist you in making economic decisions related to planning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of your roof system. We will assist you in your budgetary and long term financial projections related to keeping your facility watertight.


Roof Sheet Metal Fabrication

Radco has a complete metal fabrication shop capable of providing metal components for any roof installation.