Radco provides on site inspections designed to document the current condition of your roof system. Recommendations of any work necessary to bring the roof system up to a maintainable level are included.

There are three types of Maintenance Preventive, Corrective and Emergency!

Preventive Maintenance - is a schedule of planned actions aimed at preventing premature breakdowns and failures.

Corrective Maintenance - is the result of unplanned failures which could have been avoided through preventive maintenance. When opting for Corrective Maintenance as a strategy it is essential to ensure that the failure modes under consideration do not have the potential to become Emergency Maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance - is the one and only maintenance type that we really want to avoid as much as possible. In fact, World Class organizations ensure that less than 2% of their total maintenance is Emergency Maintenance.

As part of Radco’s Maintenance Programs, our clients receive detailed reports about the past, present, and future expected performance of their roofs.

Radco Performance History reports include:

  • A complete chronology of roof conditions since contracting with Radco
  • Details regarding any problems or failures and their causes
  • A summary of work, repairs, and maintenance over time
  • Analysis of expected roof performance vs. actual results
  • Documentation of proper roof design and building-code compliance
  • All necessary permits or service contracts related to roofing considerations


Radco Roofing helps you manage the entire roof maintenance process with services that include new construction, replacement and retrofit as well as emergency repair, maintenance contracts, roof condition surveys, cost, and budgeting analysis.


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