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Radco Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor company in Mount Holly near Charlotte NC specializing in commercial and industrial roof construction and exterior building maintenance. We help you manage the entire roof maintenance process with services that include new construction, replacement and retrofit as well as emergency repair, maintenance contracts, roof condition surveys and cost and budgeting analysis. Licensed General Contractor in 4 States. NC – SC – TN – WV

Primary Roofing Types

Major re-roofing projects, commercial and industrial typically consist of either replacement or retrofit replacement of metal roofs or membrane flat roofs.

The practice of removing an existing roof system down to the roof deck and replacing it with a new roofing installation.

The addition of a new roof membrane or steep-slope roof covering over a major portion of an existing roof assembly. The process doesn’t involve removal of the existing roofing.

GMH rooftop

Low-slope roofs

Generally include weatherproof membrane types of roof systems installed on slopes at or less than 3:12

rosewood metal roof

Steep-slope roofs

Generally include water-shedding types of roof coverings installed on slopes exceeding 3:12

Our High Quality Commercial Roofing Services

Radco services include maintenance contracts; surveys, reports, analysis, and historical records;  roof repairs; contract services consisting of roof replacement, retrofit, and new roof construction; consulting and design; and cost and budgeting analysis. We have experience in the application and maintenance of many roof systems including both rubber and thermal plastic single ply, built up, modified bitumen, metal, shingle, slate, tile, and liquid applied.

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Hundersville Library metal roof

Custom Roof Fabrication Shop

Radco has a metal fabrication shop able to provide metal components for any roof installation.

Roof Maintenance Repair

24 Hour Roof Repair Support 980 221 5169

Radco maintains a watertight roof system and designed to increase the roof system’s overall longevity.

Complete Roof Contracts

Optimizing Your Roof's Performance

A vast array of services designed to optimize roof performance so it will to always be in top shape.

Radco Roofing can assist you in all your commercial roof installations and exterior maintenance needs.

Roof Inspections & Reports

Radco provides on site roof inspections designed to document the condition of your roof system.

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Roofing Contracting Services

Radco is available for complete commercial roofing contract services for new or replacement installations.

Roof Management

Management of your roof

Radco assists you in making economic decisions related to the maintenance of your building roofs.

Roof Performance History

Roof Performance History

Our Roofing Maintenance Program offers a full summary of all roof related events at each of facilities.

Why work with Radco Roofing

Radco is committed to help identify how to extend the life of each commercial and industrial roof to its maximum while keeping it reliable and watertight. It will always be our intention to act and serve in the building manager’s best interest.

Radco roofing company is a member of the National Roofing Contractors’ Association (NRCA) as well as the Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors’ Association (CRSMCA) and the National Roofing Partners.

Are you looking for a quality driven commercial roofing company experienced in commercial and industrial roofing for your next project?

Make an appointment for Radco to come out and inspect your commercial roof today for peace of mind for those inevitable rainy days to come.

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Building Trust

Radco Roofing has provided services to many prestigious corporations in both North Carolina and South Carolina that can testify to our client service orientation, timely service, quality workmanship, professional application, well trained staff, excellent safety record, and cost effective products.